Pennsler Pen Co


Why did you start this company?

I started this company because since I was a child I have always had a passion for writing instruments. I love all kinds of writing instruments from quality ballpoints, mechanical pencils and erasers and of course my favorite the fountain pen. There is simply nothing like a fountain pen. The nib style, the ink, the pen material and design, it becomes a very personal item. And my favorite part about fountain pens is that they can last for generations if given proper maintenance. The hobby of fountain pens is a great hobby since there is so much variety. I have purchased, restored and sold many fountains pens and every pen I own I find something I like about it. And I wondered what I would do if I made my own pen. So I decided to give it a try and take the best aspects of pens I love and create a fountain pen that is comfortable yet eye-catching.  And my first pen I created is called “The Original.” So I created this company so I can share the love I have for writing instruments with the world. I hope that you like my pens, and I hope I can keep providing you with beautiful pens to add to your collection.

What is a fountain pen?

Fountain pen is actually a controlled leak. It contains a nib, usually gold or steel that has an iridium tip. They can be made from a numbered of different materials. It contains a cap, body, section and feed. They also can be filled in various ways. Ex. Eyedropper, Converter, Vacuum, Lever. These pens can offer a much better writing experience than ballpoint pens.

How do you fill the pen with ink?

Our pens fill “Eye-dropper” style. This means that you will receive an eye-dropper (tube with a rubber sac) with your pen. You put the eye-dropper in your ink bottle, and you draw up ink and fill the pen barrel with the ink in the eye-dropper. Our pens are not limited to only eye-dropper style filling, they are also made to fit a Schmidt style converter as well if you prefer that. So our pens can be used with a converter and  #6 Jowo nib unit as well.

What kind of nibs do you use?

We use #6 steel Jowo nib units. These are made from high quality steel and the are iridium tipped. Steel nibs have become popular over the years because gold nibs are far too expensive and they do not offer much of a difference. Steel nibs in our modern era are high quality and will not rust. These steel nibs will last you a lifetime.

What are my nib size and color options?

Your nib sizes range from Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1mm Stub, 1.5mm Stub. and the colors range from Silver, Two-Tone (SIlver & Gold) and Black.

Pen and nib maintenance?

For steel Jowo nibs they do not have to be cleaned too often since they are made from high quality steel. Every few months the pen should be flushed out of any ink with water. If you clean the pen every once in a while, there should be no problem with it. If maintained properly, fountain pens can last you decades.

Can this pen fit nibs that are not #6?

I do not know to be honest. I am a HUGE fan of modding pens. I have modded pens to fit vintage nibs. I change the feed of my pens to fit different type of nibs. Honestly, it is up to your imagination. If you happen to mod my pen, send me photo of it, would love to see it!

What are your pens made out of?

Our pens are made out of Alumilite. Alumilite is a durable resin. This resin can be unbelievably beautiful but they do take slightly more time to polish them. This resin is less prone to cracking than acrylics. The shine on Alumilite also last much longer than any acrylics.

What kind of ink gives the best results?

From experience, I found inks that are not too wet nor too dry give the best results. The inks that are too wet, tend to bleed through the paper. You can Google the properties of each ink. My favorite ink that I have used to give a vintage deep black look is Noodler’s X-Feather Black fountain pen ink. This ink works well even with copy paper.

What kind of paper works best?

I have found that Rhodia pads work extremely well with these nibs. But these Rhodia pads can be quite expensive. Red ‘n’ Black notebooks provide just as good quality of Rhoida for a cheaper price. Also I have found that resume paper can work very well with fountain pen ink, and you can get 80 sheets for as low as $5 in certain stores.

Where can I see the  and pen writing?

On my Instagram you can see several videos and I have photos of calligraphy I have done with my pens. I have used this nib for a few years and I really do love it. You will all types of videos displaying how to write with the pen. Also the bottom of the website has my Instagram linked to it.

Are your pens made when ordered?

Since I cannot mass produce these pens and make these pens by turning them on a lathe, I make them in small batches. If they are available on the website then I will have them available. So they will ship within 1-2 days of your order.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we are not shipping internationally. But in the future I do plan on including international shipping.

Why should I purchase your pens?

I started this company because I love calligraphy and pens. Since I was 4 years old I took my older brother’s cursive template to practice writing. And now I am making my own writing instruments and that brings me joy. I make these pens in my garage and I have a passion to make them. I designed these pens to be a comfortable writer for calligraphy. I wanted to make a pen that stood out in someones collection. You can mod other nibs to fit this pen. I am a huge fan for modding fountain pens. And also being able to put your own Jowo nib unit & converter was something I wanted for the customer. I designed a more simple design since I have found the simpler designs feel more comfortable but since I did that I wanted to make the pens stand out with the material. I choose specific alumilites that are eye-catching. I hope that you like the pens I have created and if you have any recommendations on how I can improve my pens, please let me know.

Thank you for reading and again if you have any more questions or concerns, please contact me!

Thank you for your support!