"The Mystic" in Purple and Orange Swirl Fountain Pen #6 Jowo Steel Nib

"The Mystic" in Purple and Orange Swirl Fountain Pen #6 Jowo Steel Nib


"The Mystic" is the second design of my fountain pens. This design has a regular size body. This pen was made to look more exotic. I made this pen like "The Original" without a step-down. I found over the years that pens without a step down are more comfortable than pens with a step down. The body and section meet together smoothly so you are able to grip where you like to. The pen can be capped but capping is usually not recommended with any pen since this could potentially crack the cap. The pen caps very securely though. The color of this pens is made in purple orange swirl alumilite! The pen will come with your choice of any nib size, but if we do not have a nib size or color, please contact us and we will order for you! Thank you!


Overall Length Capped: 147mm

Uncapped Length (Excluding Nib): 106mm

Section Diameter: 12mm

Total Weight: 23 grams

Each pen with come with a #6 Steel Jowo Nib and a standard international converter.

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If I do not have the nib size you want or color, please leave me a message after purchasing and I will order the nib unit for you. This will make shipping and handling time to increase to 4-6 days.

Nib Sizes:





1.1mm Stub

1.5mm Stub

Nib Colors:


Two-Tone (Gold & Silver)